‘Path to Progressive Judaism’ Advisory Board holds first meeting

Ed Kessler

The work of creating a new Progressive Jewish movement has taken a step forward with the first meeting of the Advisory Board that will oversee the process.

Chaired by Dr Ed Kessler MBE (pictured), the Board includes the Chairs of the Movement for Reform Judaism (MRJ) and Liberal Judaism (LJ) Board of Trustees and two of the Chairs from the two clergy bodies. They are joined by the CEOs of the movements, as well as volunteers from MRJ and LJ communities. It also benefits from the expertise of two independent members from outside the Progressive communities. Members of the Board bring a range of skills and experience, as well as coming from a spread of our communities.

The Advisory Board will oversee the work of creating a new movement and keeping the process of creation on track. Much of the detailed work will be carried out by three core sub-groups working on governance structures, finance and community contributions, and membership rights and responsibilities. These core groups are currently being populated from those who put their names forward to help earlier in the year.