Welcome to the Path to Progressive Judaism

In April 2023, the Movement for Reform Judaism (MRJ) and Liberal Judaism (LJ) announced that we will be working in close partnership to create one new unified movement to represent all of Britain’s Progressive Jews.

This is the website of that project. Here you will find information on why this is happening, who is involved and how you can share your ideas and questions.

You can also find details of our 80+ Progressive communities all around the UK and beyond.

LJ Acting Chair Karen Newman said: “We truly believe that this is the moment for Progressive Judaism to thrive and flourish – providing a space that combines the best of Jewish tradition with modern values, lifestyles and families.

“Together, we can offer a spiritually uplifting and intellectually coherent Judaism for the 21st century lives that we live today.”

MRJ Chair Paul Langsford added: “As a unified movement, we will be stronger, our voice will be louder and we will be able to make an even bigger contribution to wider society.

“As one Progressive Judaism, we will help more people in more places enjoy rich and vibrant Jewish experiences.”

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Support from Progressive clergy and leaders

“This is a remarkable and breathtaking achievement. The creation of this new movement will bring a renewal of spirit and ideas to Progressive Judaism.”

Rabbi Alexandra Wright
President of Liberal Judaism

“Progressive Judaism mixes the best of the traditions of the past with the realities of today. There has been talk of combining into a new single entity for many years and the arguments for doing so are now overwhelming.”

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain MBE
Convener of the Reform Judaism Beit Din

“I have seen first-hand how the impact and voice of our two Progressive movements can be amplified when we work together closely. I look forward to supporting this important process and hope to contribute to a successful outcome.”

Rabbi Lea Mühlstein
Co-Senior Rabbi of The Ark Synagogue

“Together we will have a stronger voice in our country, we will gain the capacity to create thriving Judaism for our future generations and we will evolve into a stronger Jewish future.”

Rabbi Mark Goldsmith
Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue

“The WUPJ was founded by British Progressive Jewish leaders and now, as we move towards the 100th anniversary of that moment, we are delighted to see them still leading the way.”

Rabbi Sergio Bergman
President of the World Union for Progressive Judaism

“We look forward to working in close partnership over the months and years to come to co-create the next chapter in Progressive Jewish life in the UK.”

Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris
Principal of Leo Baeck College

“By coming together, Liberal and Reform Judaism can thrive – strengthening not only our own Progressive Jewish communities, but Jewish and British society as a whole.”

Rabbi Anna Wolfson
Mosaic Jewish Community Development Rabbi

“This is the most significant change in the history of Anglo Jewry since the end of the Second World War. Working alongside each other, we can create a movement that has dynamism and energy, combining the best practices of Liberal and Reform Judaism.”

Dr Ed Kessler MBE
Chair of the Progressive Judaism Advisory Board

“The values that Liberal and Reform Jews hold dear won’t be going anywhere, but instead will together form the foundations of what we now build.”

Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber
Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue